Game Recap: Knicks Bench Closes Out Wizards

I hope JaVale McGee doesn’t block this post when I hit “publish”…

Nice win for the Knicks today and in a way it was more satisfying to see the bench find a way to win tonight. With each game that passes I find myself getting more an more excited about this team’s potential. Players like Mozgov, Randolph, and Felton have had their struggles this preseason but they have also flashed their considerable talent and it’s exciting to have players like this on the roster for a change. Oh, and John Wall is VERY fast.

On to the observations…

  • Chandler struggled a bit today, but I’m not too concerned. He’s had a solid preseason and he’s entitled to an off night.
  • Toney Douglas played a great game tonight, which was great to see after he really struggled last night. I keep saying the kid can knock down the 3, and I was happy to see him do it tonight. Also, his tenacious D is contagious.
  • I love watching Timofey Mozgov play, even as raw as he is. He busts his ass and runs the floor. Once he develops a better understanding of the NBA game he is going to be a weapon. He needs to set better screens though.
  • Amar’e Stoudemire is always fun to watch. It seemed to me like he was more rebound conscious tonight, even though the box score only credits him with 5 boards.
  • Anthony Randolph had his erratic moments but he also flashed more of his potential, especially in the 4th quarter when he finished very strong.
  • Raymon Felton: I’m sorry I ever doubted you. Second straight solid performance. It’s going to be a pleasure watching him run the team after years of Chris Duhon.
  • Ronny Turiaf had his best game as a Knick. Not sure if this is more of an indication of how underwhelming he has been or how well he played. Need to watch him more closely next game.
  • Roger Mason Jr. was off again tonight. Maybe D’Antoni needs to give him a pep talk too.
  • Andy Rautins didn’t do much tonight.
  • Landry Fields: What can I say? The kid is growing on me. Very versatile. Nice touch on his jumper. Heady player who continuously shows his bball IQ with plays like his tip of potential Washington offensive rebound to a Knicks player. It may be ambitious to say he will get time right out of the gate because he IS a rookie. But I could definitely see him playing his way into some minutes by seasons end.

Nothing much else to say. We’re still in the preseason and D’Antoni has yet to really play a game to win, in my opinion. I keep wondering when he is going to give the starters an extended run, but maybe it won’t happen until the regular season. Or maybe he’s under orders to showcase the bench for a potential Carmelo Anthony trade. Hmmmm….

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