“Should I call you Logan, Weapon X?”

My inner comic book geek would be remiss if I didn’t note how Anthony Randolph is being spoken of as if he were Weapon X (or Wolverine for those more familiar with the original X-Men movie trilogy.)

Bethlehem Shoals first pointed this out in a July 21 post at The Awl (it’s a great read, check it out) and now we have the following from the NY Post’s Marc Berman:

It is Randolph who holds the key to this Knicks season — the X-factor who determines whether the Knicks are a playoff team. (h/t The Knicks Blog)

Whenever I see comments like this I can’t help but chuckle and think of this scene from Mallrats.  Is it wrong that the Weapon X and X-Factor comments make me want the Knicks to hang onto Randolph even more than before?

Here’s hoping the Knicks keep Mr. Randolph in blue and orange so we all get to witness him unleash hell on the NBA, berzerker style.

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