Let me get this straight…

There’s been a lot of action on Twitter today and I’d like to take you step by step through a realization that I came to.

First, I saw the following tweet from Tommy Dee of The Knicks Blog:

been saying chandler was on the blocks over the summer- @alanhahn recently reported the spurs being a fit for a 1st in exchange 4 will

Then, I saw the following tweet from Chris Sheridan of ESPN NY:

Source tells me the NY Knicks have a deal available to acquire a No. 1 draft pick in 2011 for use in a C.Anthony trade, if talks revived.

Now, let’s travel back in time to a couple of weeks ago – from the New York Daily News’ Frank Isola:

The Blazers apparently have little interest in Wilson Chandler.

So let me get this straight. The Portland Trail Blazers had no interest in acquiring Wilson Chandler for Rudy Fernandez, a dude buried on their bench and so miserable in Portland that he has floated the possibility of him returning to Spain. Yet, the San Antonio Spurs, a team that can find gems in the draft, no matter the pick or round, could be interested in acquiring Chandler for a 2011 first rounder?

Am I the only one confused by this?  The way I see it, if the Spurs think enough of Chandler to give up a 1st round pick to acquire him, who am I to argue with the Spurs? As a Knicks fan, I see this as a positive – the meme that the Knicks don’t have players or “assets” seems headed to a quick demise.

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3 Responses to Let me get this straight…

  1. Gian Solomon says:

    It makes you question whether Josh Kroenke’s involvement is a hindrance more than a help and if his new GM is able to assert himself this early in his tenure. Donnie alluded to their lack of knowledge about the Knick roster…add that to the Nets trade fiasco and it seems like amateur hour in Denver’s front office

  2. Bill says:

    Why would the Nuggets want the 24th-32nd pick in the draft?

  3. Gian brings up an interesting idea. Perhaps many teams around the league, not only the Nuggets, aren’t as familiar as they should be with the talent on the Knicks roster due to their ineptness and irrelevancy the past decade. It’s not surprising that a team like the Spurs views Chandler as a useful player because the Spurs are always on point in terms of talent evaluation.

    Bill, if the Nuggets deal Melo they will probably be looking to rebuild and acquire cheap talent. Sure, they may get back some decent talent, but out West they would be lucky to make the playoffs. Teams like the Rockets and even the Clippers will be improved this year and push the Nuggets for a playoff spot. Thus, the Nuggets own pick becomes a lottery pick and then they would also have that late round pick in addition to whatever young talent they acquired for Melo (i.e., Gallo, Randolph, Favors, etc.)

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