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Game 2: Loss to Celtics

Early on I am going to try and practice patience and enjoy the fact that hung in there against last season’s Eastern Conference champs, even if the Celtics played incredibly sloppy. It was nice to see the Knicks hang around … Continue reading

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Knicks Open Season with Win over Raptors

Don’t underestimate how big this win is for the New York Knicks. With @ BOS, vs. POR, vs. ORL, and @CHI the next four games on the schedule, it was important for this team to bank a win. Also, even … Continue reading

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Basketball Prospectus, SCHOENE: Knicks Will Win Atlantic Division

Basketball Prospectus released their final update to their SCHOENE projections that they first published in Pro Basketball Prospectus 2010-11 (h/t to my buddy @DanKaps.) Guess what? They predict the Knicks to finish ahead of the Celtics in the Atlantic Division. … Continue reading

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Takeaways From The Q&A with Suns Blogger Wil Cantrell

It’s been a couple of days since I posted the Q&A with Wil Cantrell from Bright Side of the Sun and after talking about the Q&A with my brother (who contributed a couple of questions for the Q&A) it seems … Continue reading

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Amar’e Lowering Expectations? I Strenuously Object!

Welcome to a new feature here on TWMFBlog: I Strenuously Object! For those who don’t get the reference, it’s from A Few Good Men (click the link.) Basically, in this feature I will highlight recent conventional wisdom surrounding the Knicks … Continue reading

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Q&A with Wil Cantrell of Bright Side of the Sun

As we rapidly approach opening day I’ve found myself pondering all things Knicks even more than usual. Like many others who follow the Knicks closely, I’ve been concerned about rebounding – regarding the team, collectively, and Amar’e, individually. Then I … Continue reading

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Game Recap: Knicks Bench Closes Out Wizards

I hope JaVale McGee doesn’t block this post when I hit “publish”… Nice win for the Knicks today and in a way it was more satisfying to see the bench find a way to win tonight. With each game that … Continue reading

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Little Bits of Knicks Randomness: October 17, 2010

Random Knicks links that either fall into the category of res ipsa loquitur or Keith couldn’t think of an angle to turn this link into a post. Enjoy. Last week was Dream Week over at Free Darko and fellow Staten … Continue reading

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Game Recap: Encouraging Signs Despite Loss to Celts

Knicks played a tough game without Amar’e. The game got away from them at the end, but that’s where having someone like Amar’e will make a huge difference. You can slow the game down a bit and keep feeding him, … Continue reading

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The Sports Guy is “Overintrigued” by the Knicks

Say what you want about The Sports Guy, Bill Simmons, (personally, I’m a fan) the dude knows basketball. Sure, I don’t always agree with him but as my law professors always said, “Reasonable minds can differ.” Simmons, an LA resident … Continue reading

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