Relax, people: It’s only the preseason

It seems that a lot of Knicks fans have been freaking out since the Knicks poor showing in Paris against the T-Wolves. I’m here to talk you all off the ledge.

Those who follow me on Twitter know that  I’m a Packers fan. This preseason the Packers absolutely blew the doors off their opponents and emerged as the favorite to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. Well, guess what? The Packers have stumbled out of the blocks, even if they are 3-1. Trust me, there is a lot of hand wringing going on in Cheesehead Nation.

The message here is that the preseason is not about W’s or L’s. The preseason is for players to work out the kinks, get adjusted to their new team, and for coaches to get looks at guys before the rotations tighten up. Do you really think the Knicks would have lost to the T-Wolves with Amar’e playing a full game? Do you think D’Antoni would have pulled Chandler after he started out on fire? Use your heads, people. Coach D’Antoni isn’t trying to win preseason games.

Of course there is cause for concern. Felton looks very uncomfortable and the rebounding has been more than suspect. Who will step up and hit shots when Gallo’s shot isn’t falling? Will Gallo get thee to the post to try and get himself going when the 3’s are clanging off back rim? Obviously, these questions must be addressed if the Knicks want to be a playoff team, but TWO (preseason) games is a ridiculously small sample size to start going off the rails and making wild proclamations that this team is doomed.

Then again, it IS the preseason for you guys too😉

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2 Responses to Relax, people: It’s only the preseason

  1. Chris Lazarte says:

    You read my mind with this blog. After watching the Knicks play the Timberwolves I was all like “Oh no! This is seasons gonna be brutal” but thanks for clearing things up man. Your blogs rule! – Chris

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