For Knicks Fans: Things to Remember

With the Knicks failing to secure victory in five consecutive contests, I figured I would take the time to list a few things Knicks fans should remember to help keep things in perspective.

Remember: This is a streaky team. The Knicks are a team of “runs.” Even within a single game, the Knicks can go from scorching hot and up by 15, to ice cold and down by 15. The same applies to winning and losing streaks. After an auspicious start to the year, the Knicks rolled off a bunch of victories, vaulting up the Eastern Conference standings. Now, the Knicks are going through a rough patch but remember that this comes with the territory. This team is going to be streaky. Take both the good and the bad runs in stride.

Remember: A team is never as good as it looks when things are going great and never as bad as it looks when things are going bad.

Remember: This is a very young team. Amar’e Stoudemire and Raymond Felton aside, this is a very young team. Further, they have only played together for 42 games. Part of being a good team is learning how to sustain success while on a roll and learning how to quickly self-assess and turn things around when things go awry. Remember that even though losing 5 games in a row sucks right now, times like these are character building and a learning experience, especially for a team as inexperienced as the Knicks.

Remember: You would have signed up for 22-20 & the 6th seed in the Eastern Conference in the pre-season. Let’s not get greedy, Knicks fans. This is Year One of the Knickerbocker Renaissance. Enjoy these times where the Knicks, like a fawn finding its way in the wilderness, are stumbling about, but acquiring experience that will prove invaluable down the road. You will look back fondly to the 2010-11 season as the beginning of something great.

Remember: Where this team was the last 10 years. This ties in to the blurb directly above. Remember how crappy it was rooting for Knicks teams with no talent, no cohesiveness, and no shot. Now remember that Donnie Walsh has assembled a talented and fun to watch roster of players that have made the Knicks relevant again. I am confident that under his watchful eye the Knicks will continue their upward ascent and become not only relevant, but title contenders. In the meantime, be grateful you get to watch an exciting team that has a chance to win every single night because it wasn’t that long ago that it was impossible to see any light at the end of the tunnel.

The intent of this post was not to be preachy, but to give Knicks fans some helpful reminders to get them through these trying times. Things will get better, I promise you. In the meantime, just keep these little bits of info in mind to help ease the pain of the last 5 games.

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