Knicks 82, Lakers 99 – Kneejerk Reactions

  • In case you didn’t know, I live in Los Angeles, so I was in attendance tonight. I cannot remember the last time I was this angry.
  • Seriously, I was so angry my right eyelid was twitching and I currently have a tension headache.
  • I know it’s Game Three, but I’ve seen enough. D’Antoni is not the coach to take this team to the next level He was completely out-coached by Mike Brown.  MIKE. BROWN.
  • Outside of Melo, STAT, Chandler, and Fields (who played with more decisiveness and confidence tonight), the rest of the team showed me nothing.
  • Toney  Douglas, in particular, looks like he has never played basketball in his life.  He is making poor decisions on defense and treats the ball like a hot potato on offense.  He looks totally lost.
  • I’ve also had enough of the bitching and moaning and the technical fouls that come with it.  Melo, Chandler, and STAT each had a tech in this game, and the constant complaining sets a TERRIBLE tone.  Just play the damn game.
  • I know it was the second game of a back-to-back on a West Coast trip, but the lack of energy was really discouraging.
  • Bottom line: this is currently a team without an identity. They have legit talent, but as my fiancee remarked, “There’s no flow… they don’t play together.”  Right now they’re just a bunch of dudes playing basketball.  There doesn’t appear to be any plan, and that’s a reflection on the coach.
  • But right now I need to drink some tea, calm down, and get some sleep.  More to come tomorrow.
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