Knickels & Dimes

It’s been a while, I feel like writing something, so here goes nothing…

  • I feel guilty thinking this, nevermind typing it, but… Amar’e who? I know this team can get too Melo-centric and struggles to score when the supporting cast’s shot isn’t falling, but it’s hard not to like the way the team has been playing with STAT out of the lineup.
  • But perhaps the team’s success with STAT out of the lineup has more to do with another factor – Iman Shumpert‘s ascension to the starting lineup. Shumpert recently had his coming out party on national television against the Bulls with Jeff Van Gundy throwin roses at his feet and plucking the petals off a tulip each time Shump would run past. Is it really any surprise that the Knicks have taken off with two elite defenders in the lineup (Chandler being the other)? Shump also brings a more dangerous offensive game than his predecessor at the 2, Landry Fields.
  • It seems that I am destined to always be in the minority when it comes to Toney Douglas. In Toney’s first two seasons he became a fan favorite (See, DWTDD). However, this season he struggled as the starting PG and found himself benched. He still seemed to have the support of the Internet die-hards, but his most recent struggles after getting another shot to crack the rotation seems to have turned the tide on Toney. Personally, I’ve never been the biggest Douglas fan. I think his defense is a bit overrated, I am amazed every time his shot goes in (which happened far more frequently last season), and he really struggles running an offense. That being said, Mike Woodson has given JR Smith a ton of rope, yet he can’t give Douglas more than a handful of minutes to try and get it going? Even worse, he has subjected us to Mike Bibby and Smith for stretches at the point. Not cool. Toney may have his flaws, but I think he can throw an entry pass to Melo and then camp out at the three point line and play a bit of D. Maybe I’m crazy.
  • Love, love, LOVE how Woodson has made a point of drawing up plays for Steve Novak.
  • Knicks really could have used another big. I was beating the Kyrylo Fesenko drum up until he signed with Indiana. I probably (likely) overrate him, but I still think he would have been a useful piece, especially with the injuries to STAT and Jared Jeffries. I like Jorts enough, but he is pretty limited.
  • Back to Douglas for a moment. Why not play him with Melo and let Baron Davis run that frenetic second unit of Jeffries, Jorts, Novak, and Smith?
  • Maybe I’m just a homer, but I think this Knicks team will be dangerous (if they make the playoffs). The way they defend will be a huge asset come playoff time. Melo also gives them a huge advantage since they have a player who can get his shots and get to the line, almost at will. Of course, Melo has his nights where you wished he would be more efficient, but you really couldn’t have hoped for anything more from Melo these past few games.
  • Oh, and please send Jerome Jordan to the D League if you’re not going to play him. Thanks.
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